Monday, January 17, 2011

My Day as a Wedding Photographer

Today's bride and groom are looking for a wedding experience they can remember for the rest of their lives. They want to enjoy the experience and then share it, in many cases, right away with their friends and family. As a wedding photographer, I understand the impulse to want share, share and share!

As I process wedding images, I begin posting snippets from the event in order to whet the appetite of the bride and groom and let them start enjoying their photography as soon as possible. I lead them to my Facebook page where they can typically find at least (5) key images just days after the event. A few days later, I will post (5) more images on my Blog and send this link to the bride and groom, which by this time are getting very excited to see the balance of the images which I deliver in several elegant black photo boxes.

Back to the experience of the wedding day! My work usually begins in the brides ready room (i.e. the church, home or bridal chamber) along with all of the bridesmaids with some candid shots. This is the time where many great images are created with teary eyes, jitters and good old female jesting. Next, the wedding dress is photographed in context; on occasion, it is photographed by window light or in the arch of a doorway overlooking the bride as she puts on her make-up. Shortly after spending some time with the bride, I move onto the groom and the groomsmen for some of the 'guy shots'. At this point, I brace myself for spontaneity as I never know what to expect from high spirited guys moments before a wedding ceremony.

The walk down the isle is the hallmark of the event as the bride is presented to all her guests and, in particular, to the groom. Tears and smiles trade places on many of the familiar faces as the bride makes her way to the altar where her love awaits for her. A pristine dress and a beautifully adorned bride provide me with plenty of photo opportunities to photograph and record for those future memories I spoke of earlier.

Between the ceremony and the reception, I always prepare a couple of wedding portrait ideas for the bride and groom (now the newlyweds) to be photographed in. I prepare some fun contemporary poses as well as some traditional ones to offer variety and fun. My assistants and I move through this session promptly so as to not take up too much time away from the festivities.

The reception nears as the guests welcome the bride and groom into the festive atmosphere of friends and family. Many photographs are taken here too! Every emotion is captured beginning with their first dance - as they dance for the first time as husband and wife. Following, is the father and daughter dance and the mother and son dance. Part way during the reception, I ask the newlyweds to accompany me to a nearby location where additional portraits are taken of them together - now as husband and wife. Many of the fancy portraits of wedding couples you see are taken during these brief photo opportunities away from the reception. But don't worry... these brief dissappearances for pictures do not last more than 8-10 minutes.

As the cake cutting approaches, I will advise the DJ to ask all the guests to gather round about the bride and groom to cheer them on as they cut their wedding cake. The mutual serving of the wedding cake to each other can yield all kinds of surprises and I never now what to expect. But no matter what happens, it is captured from beginning to end.

And no sooner has the day begun, that it's end draws near. The farewell for the newlyweds is often filled with lots of variety. Sparklers, confetti, bubbles and rice are often great props to enliven the farewell occasion as the bride and groom depart on their honeymoon. And in the end, I (the wedding photographer) walk away content to know that I have done my very best to capture the beautiful memories my clients can enjoy for the rest of their lives.

by Angel Navarro

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