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Stylish Outdoor Bridal Photography in Sarasota

Photograph of Bride Outdoors in Sarasota by Angel Navarro

Every shoot for me is an opportunity to create something unique for my clients. For this bridal session, the scenery called for was the outdoors in a country setting. In Bradenton, there isn't much in the way of country settings but I had a request to fulfill.

After scouting much of Sarasota and Venice, I came across a park with a small slice of 'country'. I intended to include the small winding lake, the cluster of pines in the background and the tall grass to create the look of a typical country scene. It was a narrow view in the middle of a busy park but, if composed right, could be made to look like open land in the middle of a rural 'no-mans' land. 

Anytime you have a white wedding gown, the first order of concern is to retain the details and subtleties in the white delicate fabric. Losing shades of white, no matter how subtle they are, means losing detail and once you lose enough of this detail, your dress is gone!

Here is the setup that I used to capture the bride in her wedding gown.

Bridal Shoot Outdoors Sarasota Pull-Back

The scrim, or diffuser, was a 6' x 6' white translucent fabric wrapped around an aluminum with a 1.25 f-stop drop of light. A secondary diffuser was used to cut down a few streaks of light which were falling on the rear of her gown. Once the harsh sunlight had been properly managed via the use of scrims (diffusers), it was time to arrange the lighting. Ambient was metered at 1/250th at f/11.

Three strobes were used to light this portrait: a 5' Octodome and two Speedlights with makeshift barn doors. A reflector was also used, camera left, for fill. The Speedlights served as kickers and were set to two-thirds of a stop above the key light. The key light was set to f/16 and the shutter speed was 1/200th of a second at ISO 400. Everything was triggered with Pocket Wizards. The capture was made with a Canon 1D Mark III and a 70-200mm/L2.8 lens.

The resulting portraits were fantastic, giving the bride a number of poses and looks.

Photos by Angel Navarro 

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