Wednesday, August 15, 2012

How to Create a Swimsuit Model Photo on the Beach

Photo of Swimsuit Model on Sarasota Beach

I set out with local model Austin Graham to a nearby Sarasota beach (Coquina Beach) to create some swimsuit model photography. It was a very bright day and I knew my strobes where in for a workout to produce f/16 light all day. The sun was camera right, just past mid-day by one hour. After deciding on the placement of my key, I set up a diffusion panel on a boom to shield the model from the strong sunlight. Though light was allowed through the diffusion panel, it was "diffused" and reduced by a stop and a half. My camera angle had to be low in order to thin out the shadow caused by the diffusion panel.

Next, I prepared the key light which was a 22" beauty dish and set it to f/16. The beauty dish was feathered and aiming just slightly in front of the model. By combining available light and strobe, I created this image (above) and a few others scattered on my Facebook Page.

BTW, if you look carefully on the models right foot, you can see where some sunlight made it past my diffusion panel. This is preciisely the effect I set out to avoid, but this one gat away from me.

Sarasota Swimsuit Model Photography Class
Below is a quick video I captured with my iPhone of what I would call behind-the-scenes. During this one-on-one class, I explained how to use a beauty dish and a small diffuser for a high-impact look. If you are interested in learning photography skills such as the ones you see in this blog, send me an e-mail using the links in the sidebar. I also offer group instruction on many topics of photography.

Photos by Angel Navarro 

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