Saturday, August 11, 2012

Model Photography Shoot - Koreshan, Estero, Florida

Professional Fashion Photography Florida

Today, I headed for Estero, Florida for a fashion model shoot. The exact location was the Koreshan State Historic Park, just South of Ft. Meyers, Florida. Having never visited the park before, I scouted the area and found a shaded exterior wall adjacent to a very old water pump house dating back to the late 1800's (or so the sign said). After discussing wardrobe and poses with the model, I began the lighting set up.

Because the area was in shade, I decided to use a 5' Octagonal Soft Box with both of its baffles. The soft light from a modifier this size provides a wrap-around effect of light. While working in shaded areas, I personally try to avoid harsh lighting as a key. I also set up a 4' x 8' scrim with a 1.25 stop of light. In addition, a translucent oval reflector was used to catch a few stray leaks of light falling on the model's dress camera left, just outside of the scrim's reach. Last, I set up an accent light with a 20 degree grid to skip along the paneling behind the model and add a small splash of light on the model's left side. A couple of test shots later and one custom balance, and there you have it.

Behind the Scenes Fashion Model Photography
Equipment used Nikon D4, 70-200, f/2.8, Pocket Wizards, White-Lightning 1600s, CreativeLight 5' Octagonal Soft Box, Lastolite Scrim. Exif: ISO 200, 1/125th, f/5.6

Photos by Angel Navarro 

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